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Chemical industry

Heat exchanger tank
Heat exchanger tank

Equipment code: 017-552

Brand: Implantação Engmaq

Stainless steel tank with serpentine.

Brand: Implantation Engmaq.

Capacity: 35 liters.

Area: 0,30 m2.

Pressure Design: Side / Serpentine - 3/5 Bar / man.

Design temperature: Side / Serpentine - 80/80 C.

Operating pressure: Side / Se...
Battenfeld Blower Pugliese BPS-2
Battenfeld Blower Pugliese BPS-2

Equipment code: 788-804

Brand: Battenfeld Pugliese

Battenfeld Blower Pugliese.
Function: production of bottles.
Used for: manufacture of detergent bottles.

Model: BPS-2.

Year of manufacture: 1996.
Capacity: 1,000 bottles per hour.
Voltage: 220 Vac/60 hz/135.
With 3 cavities moul...
Sigma mixer in stainless steel with screw, waking up to 500 L
Visualizar Vídeo Sigma mixer in stainless steel with screw, waking up to 500 L

Equipment code: 115-321

Sigma mixer to 500 litres, waking up thread, stainless steel inner pot, arm sigma in stainless steel, threaded and external structure in carbon steel.

Note: video of the equipment working.

Indumak package PG 25
Indumak package PG 25

Equipment code: 210-221

Brand: Indumak

time-6 years.
average production-08 to 10 products per minute.
packages that used-10 kg/15 kg/25 kg.
bagged product-animal feed with density 350 g/l to 450 g/l

Description the packinghouse PG 25 is offered for hi...
Sigma g. Mazzoni mixer in stainless steel
Sigma g. Mazzoni mixer in stainless steel

Equipment code: 735-137

Brand: G.Mazzoni

Sigma mixer g. Mazzoni and stainless steel jacketed.
With Control Panel and automatic extrusion.
175 kg mass Production basis.
equipment having thread verse and reverse
For SOAP and SOAP....
Shrink Machine-Poly Pack
Shrink Machine-Poly Pack

Equipment code: 170-102

Brand: Poly Pack

Shrink machine-Poly Pack.
height 1.90 mm.
width 1.05 m.
2.65 m Length.
weight 1700 kg.

1.00 mouth comp. x 0.80 of alt....
Shrink with shrinking tunnel Rotac
Shrink with shrinking tunnel Rotac

Equipment code: 155-167

Brand: Rodighero, ROTAC

Shrink to promotional kits with shrinking tunnel Rotac H 50.
Brand Name: Rodighero.
Year 10/2008.
Model H50 Amm.
Height 1.80 m.
2.05 m Width
5.5 m Length
1,700 kg Weight....
Electro-pneumatic billet and manual harvester with forceps
Electro-pneumatic billet and manual harvester with forceps

Equipment code: 820-830

Brand: Km

- Electropneumatic Batoqueira

- Brand: Km machines.

- Model: (BA002)

- Made of stainless steel. Semiautomatic equipment, allows pressure adjustment, has counter parts, column with height

- Machine of easy handling and low ...
Filling, rosqueadora and Tirelli
Filling, rosqueadora and Tirelli

Equipment code: 076-087

Brand: GVJA, Tirelli

Imported Italian bottling line, threading and labelling, consisting of:

-stainless steel pneumatic linear Tirelli Filling with 4 nozzles.
Model: GVJA.

-Rosqueadora stainless steel bottles, flasks for pneumatic Tirelli.
Model: NEBEL 2 t....
Industrial mixer sigma in 200 litre stainless steel manufacturer Lawes
Industrial mixer sigma in 200 litre stainless steel manufacturer Lawes

Equipment code: 700-110

Brand: Lawes

Mixer for heavy mass/consistent of type sigma in stainless steel for 200 litres.
Brand: Lawes.
Voltage: 220 V three phase
Filter press Netzsch.
Filter press Netzsch.

Equipment code: 108-502

Brand: Netzsch

Filter press Netzsch.
Type: c.
format: 630 mm x 630 mm.
model: 021.43-08/KFP 264MPA-E/AP/FAA.
Engine: 2.2 kw-220/380/440 V.
40 carrier Boards.

Note: filter press is an equipment for solid-liquid separation, consists of a massive carbon ...
2 Deionizers
2 Deionizers

Equipment code: 763-785


2 Deionizers.
Manufacturer: DEION TEC DPL-PSY-722/97.
Function: Produce low conductivity ranging from 0.5 to 20 microssiemens.
Flow rate: 1.5 m ³.
For each Deionizers:
1 activated carbon Column.
1 cationic Column.
1 anionic Column.
1 ...
Complete line for the production of steel wool
Complete line for the production of steel wool

Equipment code: 310-722

Brand: AFL1800, Otto Hansel, WEG

Spider wire input wire with 800 kg.
With pneumatic position change with automatic control of machine stop in case of wire breakage.

One side profiling machines with steel wire gauges.
With 3.30 m to 3.10 mm with 4 work tables.
28 m in lengt...
Pickling line
Pickling line

Equipment code: 200-875

Pickling * line * k12k DLA Model 340 gas Washer/20/DAY 300/20

-body Construction in polypropylene plates;
-polypropylene pipes and fittings;
display in transparent acrylic;
-Screws in stainless steel AISI 304;
-drip Eliminator in polyprop...
Cylinder mill-Rousselle
Cylinder mill-Rousselle

Equipment code: 578-446

5-cylinder mill/450 mm Mark Pilon-number of cylinders-3-cylinder Diameter-164 mm-usable length-450 mm-Motor-5HP
1-cylinder Mill and Rousselle
-number of cylinders-3-cylinder Diameter-approx. 260 mm-usable length-600 mm-the equipment will be sold ...

Equipment code: 752-728

good Material for ceramic industry, fertilizer industry and other applications

Dust collector New Japan
Dust collector New Japan

Equipment code: 547-005

Dust collector New Japan
Brand New Japan
three-phase Motor 5 hp
number of sleeves 08
independent Outputs With collector box
is working normally
has no mechanical and electrical problem

Cefla Spruzatrice Chemical Paint Line
Cefla Spruzatrice Chemical Paint Line

Equipment code: 061-812

Spruzatrice Chemical Spruzatrice and Painting Line Cefla a robot with pistols for high quality paint, especially in high gloss lacquer to both can be used uv product or pu, since this machine is already equipped with ecogel oven for drying of these t...
Mobile Pistoneio.
Mobile Pistoneio.

Equipment code: 615-770

Mobile Pistoneio.
uses: oil wells of low productivity, Wells water injectors (cleaning), tests on oil wells closed long ago to the current BSW scan etc.
technical characteristics:
Can pistonear up to 1,550 m depth
Elevation of up to 3, 5 m 3 ...
316 stainless steel columns (chemical industry)
316 stainless steel columns (chemical industry)

Equipment code: 248-837

316 stainless steel columns (chemical industry)
Material on reuse conditions.
complete set with heat exchangers * 4 k12k * 1. Column-A
Diameter of 800 m
12 m length 3 meters (skirt)
14 k12k * 2 * trays. Column-B
Diameter 1.100 m
length ...

Equipment code: 701-086



Equipment code: 200-584

Vacuum coupled bundling
Vacuum coupled bundling

Equipment code: 107-403

Brand: JVC

Vacuum coupled bundling and shrinking tunnel (used in packaging) pneumatics and monoblock, houses tunnel with galvanized steel mesh mat, being built with steel plate and epoxy.
brand: JVC
model: 201 M


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