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Line for packing and boxing Ulma
Visualizar Vídeo Line for packing and boxing Ulma

Equipment code: 408-437

Brand: Ulma

Components: ABB, Allen-Bradley, B&R, Becker, Bongfliglioli, Crouzet, Danfoss, Eaton, Guardmaster, Larraioz, Laumas, Lotec, Neugart, Proauto, Schmersal, Schneider, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens, Tecnotrans

Line for packing and boxing.

Composed by:

Vertical vertical wrapping machine.

Brand: Ulma.

Model: VTI 460.

With two transverse seals and one longitudinal.

For solid or hard to handle products.

Special for bulk packaging.

Curved mat
Curved mat

Equipment code: 736-157

Brand: Limaq

Components: SEW-Eurodrive

Curved mat.

Brand: Limaq.

SEW-Eurodrive engines and reducers.

Dimensions of the equipment in the photos....
Ribbon Blender stainless steel 2000 L
Ribbon Blender stainless steel 2000 L  [unavailable

Equipment code: 673-230

Components: SEW-Eurodrive

- Capacity: 2,000 L.

- Made of stainless steel.

- With complete panel:

- Siemens Logo 230 RC.

- Siemens switches.

- Organized picture.

- Inverter Sew Eurodrive Movitrac LT.

- System and pneumatic key.

- The mixer has two caps,...
Industrial conveyor Ulma
Visualizar Vídeo Industrial conveyor Ulma

Equipment code: 400-867

Brand: Ulma

Components: Allen-Bradley, Danfoss, Eaton, Guardmaster, Schmersal, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens

Industrial conveyor.

Brand: Ulma.


Sew, Sew-Eurodrive.

Danfoss, VLT Micro Drive.


Siemens, Simatic S7 - 1200.



Eaton, 385 VAC....
Cardboard box maker Ulma
Cardboard box maker Ulma

Equipment code: 886-638

Brand: Ulma

Components: Danfoss, Eaton, Festo, Proauto, Schmersal, SEW, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens

Cardboard box automation

Cardboard box forming machine with tape sealing system.

Brand: Ulma.

With system of suction cups to open the boxes of the feeder and system of sealing by tape.


Pistons and pneumatic systems brand Fe...
Filling machine of liquids for flexible packaging
Filling machine of liquids for flexible packaging

Equipment code: 847-427

Brand: Eximaq

Components: Cobra, Schineider, SEW-Eurodrive

Filling machine of liquids for flexible packaging.

Packing machine for "soft belly", milk carton, fruit pulp.

Brand Name: Eximaq.

Model: UPAC.

Capacity: 1,500 u / h.

Stainless steel equipment.

With helical pump.

Brand: Netzsch.
Industrial cooker for sweets with scraper
Industrial cooker for sweets with scraper  [unavailable

Equipment code: 427-438

Components: SEW-Eurodrive

Industrial cooker for sweets with scraper.
Thermoforming filling machine Yogurt Dinieper
Thermoforming filling machine Yogurt Dinieper  [unavailable

Equipment code: 204-155

Brand: Dinieper

Components: ABB, Altronic, Contemp, Festo, OMRON, SEW-Eurodrive, Siemens

Thermoforming machine for pvc and aluminum yoghurt trays.

Brand: Dinieper.

Model: DINI 250-M.

For thermoforming and filling of yogurt trays with 6 pots and 2 flavors.

Cycles: 21/minute – trays.

Equipment entirely in stainless steel.
Intensive powder mixer Semco
Visualizar Vídeo Intensive powder mixer Semco  [unavailable

Equipment code: 334-341

Brand: Semco

Components: Festo, SEW-Eurodrive, WEG

Horizontal intensive mixer for powders.

Brand: Semco.

Model: FM 300D (1Z).

Main shaft motor:

Brand: WEG.

With 20 CV.

Frequency: 60 Hz.

Voltage: 220 V / 380 V.

Main shaft motor reducer:

Brand: SEW-Eurodrive.

NE R.P.M: 176...
Rotary industrial roaster for roasting grains
Visualizar Vídeo Rotary industrial roaster for roasting grains  [unavailable

Equipment code: 735-003

Brand: Quality montagens

Components: SEW-Eurodrive, WEG

Rotary industrial roaster for roasting grains.

Brand: Quality assemblies.

Model: QM - DBQR.

Capacity: 200 L.

Tangerine drainer.

For roasting: Walnuts, nuts, almonds, peanuts and other grains.


Weg brand motors.

Ribbon mixer Blender stainless steel 8,000 liters
Ribbon mixer Blender stainless steel 8,000 liters  [unavailable

Equipment code: 433-782

Components: SEW-Eurodrive

Ribbon mixer Blender of powder painted externally and internally coated in stainless steel.
Capacity: 8,000 liters.
Brand: Sew Eurodrive.
With gearmotor.
Rotation of the input/output (r/min): 1780/44.
Moment (Nm) 9700.
Mounting position: ...

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