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Vertical packaging machine Indumak
Vertical packaging machine Indumak

Equipment code: 558-118

Brand: Indumak

Vertical packaging with movable table.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: DG 1.000.

Doser: Golpack 5000.

Voltage: three-phase 220 V.

With 50 operational programs and counter of the number of programmable cycles....
Packing machine with multiple load cells
Packing machine with multiple load cells

Equipment code: 867-100

Brand: Indumak

Packing machine with multiple load cells.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: MF 1000 and another MM 1000 unit.

With 14 scales.

One unit with movable table, another unit with fixed sealing....
Packaging for powder products Indumak
Packaging for powder products Indumak

Equipment code: 648-460

Brand: Indumak

Packaging for powder products.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: MG 1000.

For packs of 3 pad type welds.

Packing width: 65 to 225 mm.

Inner diameter of the coil: 70 to 90 mm.

Minimum film width: 150 mm....
Vertical packer for packs of 3 welds
Vertical packer for packs of 3 welds

Equipment code: 246-034

Brand: Indumak

Components: Autonics, OMRON, Perfor

Vertical packer for packs of 3 welds.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: MG - 1000.

With Perfor brand weight checking system.

Packing machine MG-1000 with carbon steel structure and powder coating.

Electric and pneumatic panel in carbon steel with...
Packer Indumak
Packer Indumak

Equipment code: 854-363

Brand: Indumak

Vertical packaging.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: MM-1000.

Voltage: 380 V.

Equipment with mobile sealing table system....
Automatic packing for powders Indumak
Automatic packing for powders Indumak

Equipment code: 803-846

Brand: Indumak

Automatic packing for powders.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: MF 15000.

Year: 2006.

Equipment with little use....
Multi-well vertical wrapping machine Indumak JHM
Multi-well vertical wrapping machine Indumak JHM  [unavailable

Equipment code: 042-354

Brand: Indumak, JHM

Indumak Packaging.
Model: MG1000.

JHM package with helical scales 2.
Model: Helimatic.
2 power Scales with vibration in the horizontal....
Indumak Package
Indumak Package  [unavailable

Equipment code: 464-875

Brand: Indumak

Indumak Package.
Model: EMC/DGR-120.
Year: 1982.
Packaging: 500 g and 1 kg.
Production: 40 packages per minute....
Powder packing machine
Powder packing machine  [unavailable

Equipment code: 410-464

Brand: Indumak

Powder packing machine.

Brand Name: Indumak.

Model: MF 15000

To pack powders with threaded system.

Large formats.

Automatic equipped with electronic control via CLP....
Vertical packing machine
Vertical packing machine

Equipment code: 457-008

Brand: Indumak

Vertical packing machine.

Brand: Indumak.

Model: DG450.

Drawer dosing system.

To pack 1 kg of solids such as grains.

New Welding Controllers New Cylinder Gag.

New hoses.

Revised electrical panel.

Machine with PLC.

New 24vdc...
Vertical powder packer with helical dosing system Indumak
Visualizar Vídeo Vertical powder packer with helical dosing system Indumak  [unavailable

Equipment code: 876-708

Brand: Indumak

Components: Atos, Festo, Siemens, WEG

Vertical powder packer with helical dosing system

Brand: Indumak.

Model: MG 8000.

With thread, dosing system and format.

With panel.

System of vision Acts series interactive.

Inverters Weg CFW 08.

CLP Atos MPC 4004.

Servo driv...
Indumak packaging and ribbon blender mixer
Indumak packaging and ribbon blender mixer  [unavailable

Equipment code: 160-170

Brand: Indumak

Line for mixing and packing with ribbon blender and Indumak floor:

-Packer/trademark Indumak package.

Model: MG1000.
Excellent state of conservation.
Packing type solder pad and FP 1000 feeder of Indumak, for the dosing of powders and c...
Indumak package PG 25
Indumak package PG 25  [unavailable

Equipment code: 210-221

Brand: Indumak

time-6 years.
average production-08 to 10 products per minute.
packages that used-10 kg/15 kg/25 kg.
bagged product-animal feed with density 350 g/l to 450 g/l

Description the packinghouse PG 25 is offered for hi...
Indumak package with two scales
Indumak package with two scales

Equipment code: 130-042

Brand: Indumak

Vertical automatic packaging.
Brand name: Indumak with Feeder of two scales.
Model: PG 25.
Voltage: 440 V-60 Hz.
the Model CLP: weighing MF-15000

packet Types:

The packinghouse PG 25 is offered for high-volume pack...
Packaging of sugar industry
Packaging of sugar industry  [unavailable

Equipment code: 210-450

Brand: Indumak

Sugar packaging plant Containing:
1 - Indumak packer for 5 kg.
2 - Indumak Packing Machine for 1 Kg.
4 - Silo with a capacity of 1200 Kg Each.
2 - Mill for the production of extra fine.
1 - Endless thread.
2 - Elevators.
1 - Sieve.
1 - Hopper...
System for packaging of sugar
System for packaging of sugar  [unavailable

Equipment code: 017-146

Brand: Indumak

System for sugar packaging
1-package, indumak, which serves both to refined sugar (Mill) or wheat or corn flour and the price of it in manufactures, complete with weight controller
1-Special complete new sugar Mill fully fenced-15 Engine HP
DG 1000 package Indumak
DG 1000 package Indumak  [unavailable

Equipment code: 067-738

Brand: Indumak

DG Indumak / 1000 golpack weighing three
DG 1000 with 3 Floor scales/gutters fibratorias


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