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Line for soap to approximate 1000 kg hour G.Mazzoni
Visualizar Vídeo Line for soap to approximate 1000 kg hour G.Mazzoni

Equipment code: 735-756

Brand: G.Mazzoni, Jones, KHS, Mazzoni, Mazzoni LB

Sigma mixer, calender, extrusion and soap press.

Estimated production capacity: between 900 kg / h * up to 1,000 kg / h **.

Machines for the manufacture of soap composed of:

Sigma mixer for soaps.

Brand: G.Mazzoni.

Yield: 175 kg of bas...
Automatic flowpack packaging Klockner
Automatic flowpack packaging Klockner

Equipment code: 004-260

Brand: KHS, Klockner

Automatic flowpack packaging.

Brand: Klockner.

Model: Pack 200.

Production: 350 packages per minute.

Horizontal flow wrapper, with servo motor for cold or hot sealable film.

Sealing temperature: 350 degrees Celsius.

Maximum temperat...
Flowpack packaging Klockner 200
Flowpack packaging Klockner 200

Equipment code: 428-037

Brand: KHS, Klockner

Flowpack packaging.

Brand: klockner.

Model: Pack 200.

Estimated maximum production: 350 packages per minute.

Equipment works with servo motor.

For hot or cold seal film.

Maximum temperature of the sealing rollers: 350 degrees Celsiu...
Rotary filling for glass bottles Innofill KHS
Rotary filling for glass bottles Innofill KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 076-014

Brand: KHS

Rotary filling for glass bottles.

Brand: KHS.

Model: Innofill 120/18.

Production: 40,000 bottles per hour.

With vacuum pump.

KHS line labeler available.

Origin: Kaiser....
Industrial rotary filling machine KHS
Industrial rotary filling machine KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 182-505

Brand: KHS

Industrial rotary filling machine.

Brand: KSH.

Model: VF 80/14/14 RP.

Production capacity: 12 thousand bottles per hour.

Current format: 2,000 ml....
Rotary filling machine Zegla
Rotary filling machine Zegla

Equipment code: 175-454

Brand: KHS, Zegla

Rotary filling machine.

In stainless steel.

Retrofitting: Zegla.

Brand: KHS.

Capacity 14/3 g....
COLD SYSTEM  [unavailable

Equipment code: 243-707

Brand: Alfa Laval, KHS, Spirax Sarco

Components: Danfoss


INDIRECT EXCHANGE (ammonia heat exchange with the
solution, ethanol water; heat exchange solution with the drink). This equipment allows the CIP the
hot in the changing room next to the drink. is a KHS EQ...
Flowpack packaging machine
Flowpack packaging machine

Equipment code: 547-803

Brand: KHS

Packaging for packing biscuit, kind, portfolio, with escamotiavel, sealing head for polyethylene film, KHS brand, model PACK-Y, revised, with CLP new
Flow Pack packaging KHS
Flow Pack packaging KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 580-500

Brand: KHS

Components: Allen-Bradley

Flow Pack Packaging.

Brand: KHS

model: Pack y.

the machine was formatted for packing SOAP, before the format and size of the product is cradled 120 units/minute.

Features PLC Allen Bradley.

Simple mordent.

Part that comes in c...
Can filling line for carbonated products KHS
Can filling line for carbonated products KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 161-616

Brand: Continental, KHS

Can filling line for carbonated products.

Rotary filling machine.

Brand: KHS.

Number of valves: 50.

Can seamers.

Brand: Continental.

With 10 seam arms....
Varied flow pack wrapping machines
Varied flow pack wrapping machines

Equipment code: 530-358

Brand: Contipack, Delmack, Emblamaq, Gmg, Gotesp, KHS, Lobopack, Masipack, Mega Pack, Milpack, Otto Haensel, Rullima, Yaskeb

Components: Schneider

Varied flow pack wrapping machines.

Packer flow pack Mega Pack.

Lobopack flow pack wrapping machine.

Yaskeb flow packer.

Flow pack GMG.

Flow pack wrapping machine with Schneider clp.

Milpack flow pack wrapping machine.

Flow packe...
Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads
Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads  [unavailable

Equipment code: 617-628

Brand: KHS

Rotary Rosqueador automatic closure with 10 heads.
KHS Brand.
Production of up to 10,000 per hour....
Machine for making beverages
Machine for making beverages  [unavailable

Equipment code: 253-501

Brand: Holstein Kappert, KHS, Krones Taxomatic, krones Ultramatic, Mitri Sleap, Paramix Mojonnier

Machine for making beverages.
Brand Name: Paramix Mojonnier.
Model: K-48SR.

Labeling machine.
Model: JP-20R

Can wrapping machine.
Brand: Mainar Sortil Temocontraibles.

Labeling machine.
Brand Name: Mitri Sleap.

Can sealer.
Brand: Kr...
Coolant Factory KHS
Coolant Factory KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 642-686

Brand: Holstein Kappert, KHS

Refrigerant factory.

Production capacity 360,000 Liters / month in a single shift

Stainless Steel Equipment

Pipes and fittings in stainless steel

Equipment for producing in different sizes of packages

Fully automated factory

Sale of...
Line of soft drinks
Line of soft drinks  [unavailable

Equipment code: 502-242

Brand: Holstein Kappert, Hosten, KHS

Soft drink line.
01-filler 30/6.01-16.01-filler feeder hosten 08 Pistons,
01-2 .01 columns Gasifier-ro-51.01 labeller-hosten, labeller, conveyor belts,
stainless tanks reducers and other parts.
Labeling machine for glass bottles KHS
Labeling machine for glass bottles KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 067-121

Brand: KHS

Labeling machine for glass bottles.

Brand: KHS.

Model: Polymatic III

Number 420....
Full line high pressure cleaner, Enchedoura and bottle Labeller-KHS
Full line high pressure cleaner, Enchedoura and bottle Labeller-KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 676-550

Brand: KHS

Full line high pressure cleaner, Enchedoura and bottle Labeller-KHS

khs Brand Washing, filling, labeling 630 ml and liter bottles of 980 ml
production Volume of 24000 bottles hours
good condition, was running last year

Packing machine KHS
Packing machine KHS  [unavailable

Equipment code: 360-144

Brand: KHS

Packing machine.

Brand: KHS.

Model: G700....

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