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Bauch Campos, Markem-Imaje, Narita, Silk Mac, Tecmaes, VideoJet,
Cosmetético filling line Tirelli
Cosmetético filling line Tirelli

Equipment code: 164-371

Brand: J.Plus, Jormary, Silk Mac, Tirelli

Complete line for perfume / fragrance

- Liquid Filling Machine from Italy manufacturer by Tirelli.
- Bottle capper / capping machine from Italy manufacturer by Tirelli.
-Filter stainless steel.
-Continuous Flow Stirred-tank Reactor (CSTR) / bac...
Labeling machine Narita BOPP
Labeling machine Narita BOPP

Equipment code: 843-574

Brand: Narita

- BOPP labeling machine, fed balel / roll roll, for pet bottles and smaller bottles.

- Brand: Natira.

- Model: MZ 200.

- Year: 2007.

- For BOPP labels.

- Capacity for 150 bottles / minutes for current format.

- Maximum capacity: 200...
Printer dater Markem Imaje industrial
Printer dater Markem Imaje industrial

Equipment code: 346-758

Brand: Markem-Imaje

Printer dater Markem Imaje used industrial, 9232 model.
Photo cell with connector.
Mounting of photocell.
Support Table 9232.
Model: Markem-Imaje 9232.
Brand Name: Markem-Imaje.
Year: 2012.
Manufactured in the USA.

Measures of machi...
Tecmaes label applicator
Tecmaes label applicator

Equipment code: 552-202

Brand: Tecmaes

Label and against label applicator in plastic bag.
Approximately 11 cm width x 18 height.
But you can configure other measures.
Brand Name: Tecmaes....
Flow pack packaging model Gotesp Speed Pack 300
Flow pack packaging model Gotesp Speed Pack 300

Equipment code: 606-018

Brand: Gotesp, VideoJet

Flow pack packaging model Gotesp Speed Pack 300.
With sealing area of 220 mm and coil width up to 500 mm with thermo transfer VideoJet brand stamp....
Inkjet printer
Inkjet printer

Equipment code: 806-655

Brand: Markem-Imaje

Inkjet printer, model 9020, mark Marken-Imaje
Print expiration dates, logos, alphanumeric text and barcode 1 d and 2d....
Dater tag Imaje
Dater tag Imaje

Equipment code: 064-076

Dater tag Imaje 9020 model supported by State...
Dater with pneumatic system and with
Dater with pneumatic system and with

Equipment code: 675-606

Dater with pneumatic system and with Panel....
Line for the production of fermented foods soy based
Line for the production of fermented foods soy based

Equipment code: 767-071

Line for the production of fermented foods soy-based.
Composed by:
150 liters capacity.
-water heater.
150 liters capacity.
-automatic filling machine.
-Tank cooler.
3000 litres capacity.
-manual Sealing....
Marken imaje 9020 meke base
Marken imaje 9020 meke base

Equipment code: 023-425

Brand: Markem-Imaje

Can be used in all companies that use barcode printing and EAN Code.
Brand: Marken Imaje.
Output: up to 100 ppm.
Year: 2002.
Model: 9020.
In good condition reviewed....
Health food industry
Health food industry

Equipment code: 582-504

The project consists of the industrial utilization for health purposes of the compounds present in the avocado, being as, avocado oil, seed and pulp.

we conclude the use of avocado oil with the release of ANVISA, for its marketing as a food suppl...
Date stamp Rottec, Bauch campos
Date stamp Rottec, Bauch campos

Equipment code: 471-883

Brand: Bauch Campos

Date stamp Rottec, Bauch campos...
Dater Marken 9840 model Image
Dater Marken 9840 model Image

Equipment code: 107-500

Dater Marken 9840 model Image...
Dater markem-Imaje ink-jet printer
Dater markem-Imaje ink-jet printer

Equipment code: 325-088

Brand: Markem-Imaje

Dater markem-Imaje ink-jet printer.
Mark markem-Imaje.
model Crayon plus 7-N-12.
new without use....
Packaging industry of milk powder
Visualizar Vídeo Packaging industry of milk powder

Equipment code: 170-733

Brand: Bosch, Hyster, Mecamau, VideoJet

Approved by the MARA for packaging milk powder.
total area leased for the production and storage area: 600 m ²
storage capacity: 300 TM
powder production capacity (fractionation in 1 kg): 40000 kg/dia/turno to 8 pm
fractionation contract for ...

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